A new era for Sri Lanka's Petroleum Industry

Trinco petroleum Terminal (Pvt) Ltd's operational launch positions Sri Lanka as a key petroleum distribution hub in South-East Asia, boosting the country's economy with significant foreign income and heralding a new era for its petroleum industry.


Tank Refurbishment

We are refurbishing 61 steel oil storage tanks to create new Petroleum Storage Terminal I UPPER Tank Farm, China Bay Installation, Trincomalee.


Storage Capacity

The refurbished facility will have a storage capacity of 10,0000 MT in each tank with a total storage capacity of 610,000 MT for petroleum products.


Regional Leader

Upgrading Petroleum industry’s infrastructure in Sri Lanka by becoming a regional leader in petroleum products storage facility provider.


Going Global

The storage facilities and terminal for petroleum product suppliers worldwide.

A Joint Venture

Trinco petroleum Terminal (Pvt) Ltd, was incorporated through a joint venture of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and Lanka IOC PLC.

What’s New

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Trinco Petroleum Terminal (Pvt) Ltd’s Expansion Efforts: Awarded Contracts and Development Initiatives

Trinco Petroleum Terminal is advancing towards its goal of being the Petroleum Products Storage Hub in the Asian Region with the scheduled developments to the existing tanks and other facilities of the Upper Tank Farm at China Bay Installation, Trincomalee.

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Sri Lanka, India ink deal to jointly redevelop strategic World War II-era Trincomalee Oil Tank Complex

Sri Lanka and India signed a deal to jointly redevelop the Trincomalee Oil Tank Complex in Sri Lanka’s eastern port.

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Sri Lanka’s Trinco Petroleum Terminal (Pvt) Ltd to invest up to US$70mn in tank farm

Trinco Petroleum Terminal (Pvt) Ltd plans to invest up to US $ 70 Million for the refurbishment of 61 Tanks in Trincomalee , Sri Lanka in several phases.

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